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Welcome to Insights by Classeek, where the realm of classical music opens its doors to you like never before. Join us as we offer viewers like you an exclusive invitation into the world of influential personalities who shape the very essence of the classical music industry.

Embark on this extraordinary experience with Insights by Classeek, where you not only get to know these influential figures but also feel like you're part of an exclusive conversation. Insights by Classeek is your backstage pass to the movers and shakers of the classical music industry.


What to

Our carefully curated library of video provides a behind-the-scenes look into the business side of classical music. Through these in-depth conversations with leading industry voices, you’ll be able to learn from their personal experiences and professional expertise.

Join Insights to pull back the curtain, with stories that illustrate:

  • Key decisions that drive the classical music industry and the players that make them
  • Unique qualities of artists that help them stand out to promoters, agents, and the press
  • Relationships between major players in the classical music industry

Whether you are working in the industry or simply just curious to learn more about it, Insights has something for you.


Who Can Benefit

  • Young artists looking to navigate the industry as they build their careers

  • Established musicians interested in meeting the biggest names in the industry

  • Students and educators curious about the world of classical music beyond conventional

  • Classical music enthusiasts fascinated by the industry, its evolution, and pivotal players

No matter where you stand in your musical journey, Insights is here to inspire and spur you on in the ever-evolving world of classical music.

Benjamin Woodroffe


Meet your host

Benjamin Woodroffe is a seasoned professional in the realm of classical music, offering a wealth of expertise to emerging artists seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of the industry. With an extensive background in the field at an international level, Benjamin currently serves as a consultant on various musical projects, leveraging his profound understanding of the classical music world. Over the past 20 years, he has played pivotal roles in organizations across the globe dedicated to nurturing young talents, making substantial contributions to their growth and success.

As the host of Insights by Classeek, Benjamin draws on his deep knowledge of the classical music industry to ask incisive questions to influential figures shaping its future.